Angry Banana 2 - Adult Mobile Games

Angry Banana 2

Game Description: Fun and addictive adult mobile game. How Long can you last? How fast can you go? Simple touch game-play.

Game type: Adult Game for Mobile, XXX Mobile Game, Adult Gaming

Rated: R / 18+ / Adult Games / Mature Content

Game release date: 12 May 2017

Game platform: Android Device, Mobile Phones, Tablet

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  1. Ah, HOT LEGS! Now this is what the Golden Age of Adult Films is all about! Bob Chinn, by this point a veteran of adult cinema whose name just screams quality, directs a first-rate cast performing a first-rate script, shot by a first-rate crew of professionals. Not only does the film look terrific, full of clever camera work and sizzling sex scenes, it's just plain FUN!


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